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Avvanz is a Technology based Employee Lifecycle Management company. Avvanz helps you screen "safe"​ and "right"​ talents with our background check and predictive assessment solutions, onboard new employees with tight and effective new joiner onboarding programs to make them productive the soonest possible and then develop them to help surpass KPIs through uniquely differentiated blended learning solutions. Avvanz will assist in the entire value chain from Screening to Hiring to Development of your Talents. For more enquiries, please contact Kannan Chettiar.



Asia’s premier Employee and Corporate Benefits Marketplace.
An all-in-one Employee Relations Management (ERM) platform that enhance employees’ benefits experience and boost employers’ productivity.

  • Blockchain and AI based engine
  • One stop marketplace and more for both employee and employers
  • Software as a Service
  • Access anytime and anywhere
For more enquiries, please contact Rajesh Nair.



GetDocPlus is a partnership with over 100 medical providers in Singapore, including doctors, dentists, TCMs and other allied health practitioners to offer professional services at special affordable rates to its members. The highly affordable S$1/month subscription for each member is designed to benefit staff in SMEs and the self-employed in mind, highly relevant in today’s gig economy.

With GetDocPlus, SMEs now have a health benefit solution for their staff to receive the care they need at more favourable costs, making healthcare even more accessible across the country. This is not an insurance plan but a plan helps SME staff and their families get GP and Dental care at pre-negotiated rates. For more details and to enroll please visit GetDocPlus and use our discount 20% promo code HRP1.

Consult U

Consult U

CONSULT U is a new and innovative one-stop advisory services marketplaces that utilises technology, data and design to help match entrepreneurs and business people to the right advisors and professionals for their every need. We believe in creating a seamless online experience, with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness when providing solutions for young, passionate and aspiring people.
For more enquiries, please contact Aaron Koh.


Jabez Consultant

Jabez Consultant is a boutique organisation and is a Strategic HR Advisor, Talent Manager & Transformative Business Partner with over 15 years of global multi-national appointments across diverse industry verticals. Bernard thrives in a high change, ramp up and “build” type business environment and comes with the unique ability to harness the power of human capital to improve HR and business performance.

Possessing dual qualities of a cultural steward and a credible activist, Bernard is a trusted, safe pair of hands - strategically designing innovative L&D programs, revamping systems, re-energising initiatives and leveraging the HR organisational DNA to create a competitive advantage that resounds success at all levels. A highly entrepreneurial growth catalyst with a strategic mindset and a penchant for resourceful business solutions, he comes with the ability to negotiate complex engagements. For more enquiries, please contact Bernard Cruz.


Providence Solutions

Providence Solutions is a regional enterprise IT distributor since 2001 in the sectors of cybersecurity, virtualization, storage, fault tolerance (FT) and high availability (HA).

With FT and HA, mission critical applications (e.g. used in building automation, airports, MRT) are protected against hardware component failure by ensuring near-zero system downtime. They can be contacted at Providence Solutions.